Registered Camberley C team League players

The following 26 SBL players for Camberley are eligible for selection for the 2019 - 2020 season:

Gordon G Birchr01-09-2005Camberleys104, Br78, E
Magnus Brodie-Cooperr24-10-2018Camberleyes44r?
Christine Coatesr01-09-2005Crowthornes86, Cr80, D
David Hemmingsr09-10-2009Camberleys108, Br94, E
Ivor H Kellyr01-09-2005Camberleys114, Ar121, F
Sandy A McCubbinr01-09-2005Camberleys105, Cr?
Kim Shekr24-09-2019Camberleys88, Er?
Robert Woodingr29-08-2009Camberleys117, Br?